Shawn Ibarra
Nice to meet you, I’m Shawn Ibarra.
I’m an alumni from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC as locals call it) with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art with concentrations in Graphic Design and Digital Media. I strongly believe that empathy is a powerful tool that should utilized in every creative endeavor. Seeing how influential emotion can affect someone’s view, I focus my attention on how a viewer sees and feels about a design. Even though emotions are complex themselves, I enjoy the challenge of how I can display a feeling in a simplified message. Emotions are something people all share and being able to connect on an emotional level can create stronger bonds within communities.

I was able to explore different forms of media such as animation, book arts, digital illustration, and digital fabrication during my time at UNC Charlotte. I enjoy being able to explore a wide variety of mediums and combining different elements together. I take greater joy taking the chance to learn new things that can help me grow. With improvement being a constant goal, I aim to truly grow as a designer and as a creative mind.