American Iron was a motorcycle publication that concentrated on the coverage of American manufactured motorcycles like Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycle. Within the publication were articles that focused on motorcycle reviews, motorcycle parts, and the biker community. Even though they were a well-respected publication that was in publication for over 30 years, their following was not large enough to keep the magazine active to survive the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The magazine was put on suspension with no clear plans of returning after their last social media post bid their fanbase farewell in July 2020.
With the magazine in suspension, American Iron can take this opportunity to re-strategize the way they direct their content and identity. They should start exploring how they can further their connections to all current and future readers and how they can exemplify their brand to a wider demographic. By doing so the American Iron magazine can return to the public as a stronger publication that can rival international magazines.
This Project is in no way affiliated with American Iron.​​
Previous Design of Online UI
There is a flat feeling that is seen throughout their last UI iteration with an incomplete look and no voice to the publication. The lack of hierarchical order also adds to the flat feeling since none of the elements try to distinguish themselves from other components. The existing branding and components of the website offer no indication of what American Iron is or what it can offer to visitors. There is a lack of interaction due to the absence of engaging text and clear hierarchy that would keep viewers seeing through the website. Their branding also is not present in their last UI iteration thus it does not let American Iron stand out from the rest of their competition.
The new logo focuses on balancing the toughness of the motorcycle community and the patriotism that American Iron can exhibit. The Eagle skull stand as both a symbol of grittiness that motorcyclists are known for and as an indirect tip-off to the devotion to American heritage. Other hints of American heritage include the imagery of a white star from the U.S. flag and the wings that reference the freedom that riding a motorcycle and being an American brings. The helmet brings awareness to motorcycle road safety and encourages riders to always wear a helmet when riding on the road.

The colors within the branding are highly influenced by the colors of the U.S. flag, but altered to further the sense of grit. The Alternative Gothic No1 D typeface was selected because its easy readability and its rectangular form that contrasts the more organic form of the logo. Roboto Condensed Bold and Open Sans also have great contrast with the Alternative Gothic No1 D typeface that allows easy hierarchy distinction.  
The print publication aspect of American Iron will greatly benefit from a redesign as well. One of the biggest aspects they can take away from their competitors is the use of impactful photography for their covers. Dynamic imagery would allow future magazine covers to be seen on the same level of professionality as large publication and also draw the eyes of readers more effectively. The addition of the frame to the covers adds a unique detail to the publication’s print identity. The frames gives off a polaroid-like aesthetic and in turn would make future magazine issues feel like collectables.
The UI redesign focuses more on a cleaner, structured layout that establishes a clear hierarchy where viewers can easily navigate with in each page of the website. The branding elements embrace a strong, assertive atmosphere that reflects the strength of Publication’s community. With the use of a Dark UI not only allows the magazine to stand out more compared to other websites, but it also adds to the tone that American Iron is trying to achieve. The use of dynamic photography and color adds a strong sense of community that the website lacked before.
American Iron's webpage redesign was also designed to be responsive. All articles and reviews published on the webpage can then be read comfortability on multiple device screens for leisurely reading. Doing so then encourages readers to read more articles and reviews throughout and longer visiting times.

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