At a young age I first realized my unconventional identity. Growing up it felt that I didn’t belong anywhere. I didn’t feel like “American” enough, nor “Hispanic” enough, just something different. Whenever there were interactions with Americans or Hispanics, I never felt like I belonged with either. Being labeled "too much" of one group for the other made me feel like I wasn’t good enough for either group. It wasn’t until later that I learned many first-generation Americans have gone through struggles that came with being the first Americans in their family. Recognizing the struggles that comes with being exposed to multiple cultures, I decided to use those struggles as the catalyst for this body of work. These animated posters were made to help create empathy for some first-generation Americans who feel isolated from cultural groups they were supposed to be a part of. Key elements of the work include stylized hand lettering and animated properties that help give life to each statement. Letterforms were used to help picture their thoughts and present them in visually expressive ways. Animation then adds more visual engagement with the viewers by creating multiple moving pieces that will attract viewers and prolong their viewing time with every poster. Other elements included in the posters are visual effects and imagery help create a more in-depth experience within each screen.  

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