Standing out with its bright color, Inca Kola is a Peruvian champagne soda that has gained global fame. Outselling Coca-Cola in Peru, Inca Kola has become known as Peru’s national soft drink. Once only known within Peru and neighboring countries, Inca Kola has gained international popularity and sits on the shelves of International Latino supermarkets in the United States. Although it is popular among South American communities, Inca Kola isn’t well known outside that group of consumers.

The goal of this rebrand is to make Inca Kola more approachable to the U.S. population while keeping its Peruvian roots. With is large popularity in the Latino communities, Inca Kola has the potential to become popular in the American market. Being distributed internationally by Coca-Cola, it has the resources to become a worldwide marvel.
This Project is in no way affiliated with Inca Kola.
The logo portrays a smiling depiction of El Dorado (The Golden One), a mythical tribal chief from the South American Muisca people known for dipping himself in pure gold. Seeing how significant the legend of El Dorado was, using his likeliness for the branding seemed like an appropriate choice. The droplets below the logo represent both droplets of gold from El Dorado and the droplets of condensation of Inca Kola. Hints of light-heartedness were also incorporated into the design of the logo, such as the smiling face and the logo being placed on its side, to radiate a whimsical, playful attitude.

The new colors in the rebrand are variations of the colors from the original identity with some color additions. The use of bright primary colors were used against the cool secondary colors to create contrast and to help push key branding elements out to the viewers first. The typefaces were selected to assist the tone of the attitude by adding an extra sense of liveliness.
Inca Kola’s rebrand is assertively portrayed on all fronts of their box packaging. With their cool blue colors, the warm branding features of the smiling logo and bulk text extrudes the confidence that the rebrand is exemplifying. That in turn makes their soda boxes stand out among the competition from other soft drinks.

The contrast of the blue packaging will stand out especially when its bottled with the golden beverage. The labels created were made to fit the bottles that Coca-Cola uses to circulate their soft drinks. When consumers see that Inca Kola is being packaged and distributed internationally in Coke’s trademark bottles, it will entice them to try the soda knowing its being backed by the soda juggernaut.
With refinement and research the rebrand has taken into consideration the design of the multiple labels and containers of the soda. Throughout all available spaces their branding can be assertively portrayed on all fronts of their drinks. Doing so will increase recognition of the drink more as people begin recognizing the gold color of Inca Kola.
The brand elements can also be applied to produce collateral to encourage brand loyalty. Merchandise can easily range from drawstring bags to t-shirts and beyond other items of different sizes. The iconic nature of the logo can be easily read by viewers which allows effective branding to be present on all merchandise.

Gold is known as a material of elevated worth and is associated with high class significance in most societies. But due to the high cost of things such as gold, many groups of people do not have the means to own the material, but it is something most consumers thrive to possess. With the marketing’s use of the “Find What’s Golden” and “Peruvian Gold” tag-lines, it builds a way to lure people to buy the drink by connecting the soda as something valuable as gold at affordable expenses.

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