Utilizing graphic and interactive media skills, this communication campaign was created for the Travel Expense & Card Management group at BAE Systems. The animation promotes awareness and training for generating efficient expense reports by sending receipts to receipts@concur.com at an easy to consumable level. This project was built on using my fundamental design/media skills while understanding how those skills can be applied in the corporate world.

As the creative director for this project, I put together an animation that is branded and easily applicable for future content. Hopes of creating a potential series of short animations that act as a user manual for BAE Systems’ Travel Expense & Card Management department. The animation highlights the ease of preparing an expense report and attaching receipts on the Concur expense webpage.
The branding used in the animation closely fellows the BAE Systems branding guidelines with approved added elements. BAE branding elements include the custom made typefaces used throughout the video and the company’s trademark orange color. A neutral tone background was used to ensure that all the animation components are easily legible. The blue used acts for easy contrasting when compared to the BAE orange and the neutral background color.
The goal of animation story boarding was to clearly provide all the required steps on how to use their travel receipts to generate expense reports using the Concur program. To ensure an easy-to-follow experience for any user, the idea of a how-to walk through video was the best direction to go. Many people who have access to the internet often refer to walk through videos to accomplish any goal, so creating an animation in that style would make it easy to consume for most viewers. Text boxes were an element that was felt had to be implemented into the video. The text boxes would appropriately display each step needed for those who like to read what they need to follow and those who are hard of hearing/are deaf.
Each animated icon used helps create visual references within each aspect of using Concur. The Monitor acts both as a frame for the instructions while acting as a reference on how accessible setting up your account is on any computer. The Profile Account icon illustrates the importance of properly setting up your account in order to utilize Concur and all related expenses. The Receipt and Money icons reference aspects to expenses and how it relates to using Concur. The User and Delegate icons show the relationship of between all Users and their supervising Delegates when on the Concur platform.

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